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ewspapers are dying but we live in a golden age of journalism. Writers of every political shade such as Boris Johnson, Matthew Parris, David Aaronovitch, Douglas Murray, Nick Cohen, George Monbiot and Polly Toynbee are daily turning out copy that is by turns hilarious, compassionate, persuasive, acerbic, astute, angry and exasperating. And you could probably add another twenty-five names at least to that list: journalists that you would want to read no matter what they were writing about.

Such Premier League journalists are for everyone. More specialist tastes are catered for ever more often on the large numbers of specialist blogs.

Many of these are political. Iain Dale, for example is required reading for Conservatives and other parties have their own gurus and soothsayers.

The climate change debate has been a particularly fruitful area for bloggers. The magisterially sceptical US site Watts Up With Thatand its more rumbustious British equivalent, Bishop Hill, compete with extraordinary vigour against the equally robust Real Climate, while the indefatigable Judith Curry is a rare and very perceptive female voice amongst the bearded weathermen who tend to enjoy the mathematical minutiae every bit as much as the conspiracy theories and email skulduggery.